Injury, Poisoning and Procedural Complications

Obtained from the DAEN (Database of Adverse Events Notification) platform

Who can be OK with this? Week ending 26th August 2022

12th September 2022

Please find CMNdata update (week ending 26 August, 2022) on Adverse Events being reported to the TGA for kids up to the age of 17 after COVID-19 Vaccination.

There have been 854 reports in this category for kids aged up to 17. The data also shows that 322 kids received a covid-19 shot outside of the prescribed age. It begs the question, why did 322 children receive a COVID-19 vaccination that is not approved for them?

If reported to the health regulators, will the medical practitioner or clinician administering the vaccine receive disciplinary action following investigation?

Parents and all Australians deserve answers and reassurances from the TGA & ATAGI, about how they will investigate these cases where children have received an experimental vaccine when it has not been approved for them. Babies and children are vulnerable and need to be to protected.