Death of a baby boy

Case number 746201. Was the baby vaccinated or was the mother?

Case number 746201 was a baby boy whose death is registered as AE on DAENS.

As of 8 August 2022, 5 additional deaths were reported on the TGA's website. The ages were 77, 90 and 52. 2 deaths did NOT have their ages disclosed.
Tuesday 9th August 2022

Yesterday the TGA updated its data and it is now 6 deaths overall. Sadly, it appears to be the death of a baby boy, from - Hydrops foetalis, which is a condition that babies usually die from before or just after birth.

That brings the total to 6 kids aged 11 and under that have died. Was the baby vaccinated or was the mother? Based upon the adverse events listed by the TGA, the baby appears to have suffered terribly.