Covid Vaccines Injuries

Who are you case No 746779? How was your life changed?

29 Injuries & How Many Side Effects Were Disclosed?

A young 27-year-old woman has been reported onto the TGA's, DAEN platform this week. In her case, 29 serious side effects are listed, as result of taking a COVID-19 vaccine.
Thursday 11th August 2022

Who are you case No 746779?

You are only 27 years old and in the prime of your life.

How has your life changed?

Were you told about any of these 29 potential injuries that you are now suffering from?

Had the doctor, pharmacist or nurse disclosed any of these risks and how an injury could change the quality of your life, would you still have taken it?

Please share this important information with your colleagues and friends, so that full and proper disclosure of all the risks/side effects can be presented to any individual taking the C-19 vaccine.

Doctors and health care professionals have a duty to warn and disclose to their patients all the risks of a medical treatment or procedure.